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A Bus Driver Tried To Scare This Little Girl

Some kids on Mindy’s school bus were bullying her. By the time the 5-year-old got home, she was traumatized. And it really upset her mom, Samantha. But the kids weren’t the only problem. Mindy’s bus driver blamed the problem on Mindy herself, and threatened to call the police on her if she didn’t calm down about it. Says Samantha: “My 5-year-old had her first bullying…

Stranger's Strong Reaction Seeing A Man Getting Abusive With His Wife.

Source: Reddit Okay, so when I was around 12 or so, my dad and I were at the grocery store, picking up some food for dinner when we came across a couple who were arguing. The woman had a carton of eggs in her hands, and the guy was getting angrier as we slowly approached with our cart. As we drew closer, he started screaming at her, and she started rigidly staring at the…
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Woman's Reply To Boss Email Is Worth Reading.

Source: Reddit Yesterday I received a job offer for a company I have been applying to for over a year. It’s a 3 dollar raise with opportunity to make 30 an hour after some time. Well they are on a crunch for time so I was only able to give 1 week notice to my current…