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A Bus Driver Tried To Scare This Little Girl

Some kids on Mindy’s school bus were bullying her. By the time the 5-year-old got home, she was traumatized. And it really upset her mom, Samantha. But the kids weren’t the only problem. Mindy’s bus driver blamed the problem on Mindy herself, and threatened to call the police on her if she didn’t calm down about it. Says Samantha: “My 5-year-old had her first bullying…

Brave Girl Stops Carjacker From Abducting Her Little Sister.

In Williamsburg, Virginia, a mom driving with her two young daughters in the van, pulled over to help victims of a car crash they witnessed on Easter weekend. Little did that mom, Brandie Weiler, know that her 12-year-old daughter, Maddie, would end up saving the day. Brandie Weiler The crash involved two cars, so after Brandie stopped near the crash, she exited her van and called a 911…
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