5 Siblings In Foster Care Were At The RISK OF BEING SEPARATED

No one likes to see a child stuck waiting to be adopted. It’s a fear for some children that they will be split up from their siblings as the only family they may know could be torn apart through the foster care system. This was likely going to be the case for a group of five children that entered foster care, but thanks to one couple, the group managed to stay together in their new forever home. Whitney and James Meserve are a couple that knew to have children of their own weren’t going to be an option.

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They couldn’t have kids but they wanted to have a family so adoption was always on their mind. With not being able to have kids of their own, the couple decided to welcome two siblings into their lives in February of this year, but that was only the start. Aubrey, Jayda, Preslee, Rylynne, and Addison were in the foster care system and being siblings, they wanted to stick together. We all know that some children that have several siblings are likely not to stick together and at times lose each other in the shuffle between homes. It’s quite the scary thought for these children but their worst fears never came to fruition. Instead, they were able to secure loving home. The Meserve’s grew in size in December of the same year, just before Christmas. With Whitney and James agreeing that they wouldn’t want to see the family split up, they adopted all the children into their homes.

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For the kids, it was a miracle as now they can end the year with a forever home, a family that loves each of them and begin the new year as an official Meserve. In fact, the children have all commented on how they love having a stable home. There’s no threat of being moved from a new house or having to change schools. This whole adoption process was quite the spectacle as well with communities gathering together to see the Meserve’s adopt the children.

Facebook/ Whitney Meserve

There was even a livestream that went on at the local elementary school where Whitney works at. Not only did the children find their new loving parents, but a community of people eager to welcome the newly adopted Meserve’s.

5 Siblings In Foster Care Were At The RISK OF BEING SEPARATED.

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Posted by Untold Stories on Thursday, January 2, 2020
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