6 Yr Old Boy Hand Delivered Single Roses To All The Female Members In His Community.

Casey Boyd is quite the lady’s man. As a matter of fact, he loves ALL women, especially in his hometown of Main Brook, Newfoundland. Quite the Casanova. But Casey is not your average guy, loving up on all those ladies. Casey is only 6 years old. This past Valentine’s Day, he handed out roses to every single one of the women in his hometown… all 155 of them.

Last year, Casey made a point of saving all of his nickels and dimes from his allowance to buy roses for all the women this year.

Says young Casey: “I just wanted to put smiles on everyone’s faces.”

Casey and his mom, Lynn, drove quite a distance to the nearest florist to fill up their truck with 13 dozen roses.

And when he personally delivered them to the ladies, he got plenty of hugs and kisses. Some were so taken aback by his kind gesture that they cried. And now, he’s already started saving up for next year.

Yes, quite the lady’s man, indeed. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/ljEC5t7xMJo?t=319

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