At Walmart Arrogant Woman Learns The Perfect Lesson.

Source: Reddit

I work at a walmart, specifically the online grocery pickup (OGP) section. For anyone that doesn’t get the basics of it, basically you place a prepaid order online, we shop it for you and then bring it out and load it into your car. Pretty simple. We’re decently busy pretty much all day and as expected we have reserved parking spots (specifically 12) for the customers to come pull in to so we can easily load their groceries.

On one fateful day we were rather busy and the weather was quite shit (raining). This random lady pulls into spot number 12 so naturally I go outside to talk to her to get her name and order number and whatnot. “Hi how are you doing today?” “Good.” “Do you have an online order for pickup?” “No.” She steps out of her car and begins to walk inside. “Well if you don’t have an online order you can’t park here, this is reserved parking for our customers.” “Ok.” and she casually ignores me and proceeds inside.

Our manager printed notice papers to put on windshields for a**hats like her. They’re nothing special, just made of paper. I took around 12 and lined her entire windshield with them, you could not see a speck of glass under the paper. Now since it was raining the papers almost instantly stuck to her windshield like glue and completely soaked on, to the point where wind wasn’t blowing them off. I never caught her reaction or heard if she complained but watching her scrape wet paper off her windshield in the pouring rain through our dispensary door was the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done during my time there.

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