Stray Dog Crashes At A Wedding And Sleeps On The Bride Veil.

Typical wedding crashers seem to be obnoxious freeloaders. But when Matheus and Marilia got married in Brazil they experienced something quite different. As it turned out, nasty, rainy weather forced the couple to move the planned outdoor ceremony to inside a big tent that was set up for the reception. Felipe Paludetto Fotógrafo When all the guests were taking their seats and the wedding…
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Pit Bull Dies Protecting Kids From Venomous Snake.

We love our animals, and we will protect them as much as we possibly can. And they can protect us just as well. Sometime back, the Oriley family adopted a pit bull puppy, and they named him Zeus. They just loved him to pieces. Just a few months later, the family’s…

"Today My Sister Told Me That One Of My Kids Stinks."

Story by Brandon Janous Today my sister told me that one of my kids stinks. She told me which one it was but I’m not going to say which one because it’s embarrassing and I don’t want to embarrass them. It’s not the “they haven’t showered in days” kind…