Woman Calls 911 When She Sees 3 Snakes At Her Door Front.

Source: Facebook Officer Cummins would like to remind everyone that snakes come out this time of year, especially after rain. Please be on the lookout! You can call 9-1-1 if you find one and our snake-handler trained officers will do everything they can to safely relocate the snake.#AustinPD Due to the recent downpour we received in Austin, we wanted to put out this reminder. This…
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Waitress Gets A 50% Tip For Her Quick Reply.

Source: Reddit Last night I was at a local pub enjoying a tipple with a new friend. It’s a place I go to often and know most of the wait staff. We’d sampled the beers and enjoyed a bite, so I ordered a bourbon I’d been wanting to try. The bourbon came in a nice…