She Was Forever In Debt To This Man Who Made Her Disabled Sister's Birthday Memorable.

“Saturday March 18th we celebrated my sister’s 28 birthday. My sister is mentally disabled, and loves music. Music is our language. Her words aren’t always clear, but we all understand music. From Frozen to Eminem and Backstreet Boys- we sing, we dance, we love. For her birthday party, we had 5 of her friends who are also special needs, some family and kids get together at a…
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Man's Life Changes On His Way Back From Church.

Story by Danny Mann Last Friday, September 22, at 12:27 PM, Fall arrived. So said the calendar. So said the radio and television weather forecasters. But no one told the thermometers. It was 96 degrees on Friday. The “real feel” temp was over 100. Fall? I…

"Cashier Body Shamed My Boyfriend."

Source: Reddit Today I went full on Karen at the supermarket. I went to do the groceries with my boyfriend and while he was at the till I sat down nearby (I’m 6 months pregnant and today I’m running on 4 hours of sleep in the last 48, standing up feels like a…