How This Little Boy Saved His Pocket Money To Feed Stray Dogs

When you see a stray dog, do you always make an effort to feed it? Every day? Probably not. You probably just hope the best for it; that some good person would take it in and take good care of it. In the Phillipines, 9-year-old Ken Amante spotted three stray dogs on the streets. He then started going to the grocery store every day after school and buying the dog’s some food with his…
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Man Who Forgot He Was Married, Gets Remarried

Alzheimers is an extremely tough disease that can afflict the ones we love, and in a perfect world, this terrible illness would not be part of it. Michael and Linda Joyce live in Frankton, New Zealand. They’ve been married for 38 years. But one day, all of a…

Why This Man Tried On His Wife's Wedding Ring

So, I tried on my wife’s engagement ring. I mean ~ I didn’t intend to. I was going through some of her old jewelry looking for a certain piece & I freaked out. The ring was gone, as was her wedding band. I remember that night so well July 28, 2012 It was…