Little Boy At Orphanage Is Confused Why His House Parent Was So Angry At Him

Story Written by Roger Dean Kiser (Author) “Get into the library and do your homework,” said Mr. Henderson, the house-parent who looked after us boys at the orphanage, where I lived. “I didn’t get any homework this time. It’s Friday, Pop Henderson.” I told him. “I really don’t give a #@$%. Just get your little butt in there, sit down and STUDY…
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Mom Responds After Seeing Bite Marks On Her Daughter

Hi there, I’m Amelia. Our kids go to daycare together. My daughter’s name is Alyssa, and your child likes to bite her. Like, a lot. Last year, I got maybe five injury reports for my little girl all year. When she came back this fall, I had five within the first three…