Best Buy Staff Perform Surgery On Toddler’s Beloved Toy.

The following is a recent post on Facebook made by Niah Negron.

A huge thank you to two of the most caring and efficient women I’ve ever experienced in customer service!! “Stephanie” and “T” at #BestBuy on Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL.

So the head on little man’s #Fingerling dinosaur broke, and for those of you that don’t know, this thing is his “baby”. It goes everywhere with him and stays in his hand or tucked in his shirt (like a baby carrier) at all times. Luckily, I found the exact same one in stock and available for same day pick up. I was very nervous how this transaction would play out. You see, to this little three- year-old boy replacing his “baby” would not be acceptable. This had to be the same toy, fixed. So on to Best Buy we went, with his broken baby in tow.

We arrive for what could make or break this little boy’s tender little heart. We walk in and go to the pick-up desk and I explain to them “We are here for a very delicate matter. You see, we need to see the dinosaur doctor, as the head has broken on our baby dinosaur!” I am showing “T” my pick up order on my phone as little man is explaining the details of how the head broke.

What happened next was beyond extraordinary service. “T” nodded understandingly and jumped right into action! She called over her fellow associate “Stephanie” and explained our very unique and delicate situation. Without missing a beat, they “took the broken dinosaur to surgery”! They explained every step they were doing in surgery since it was all happening outside of his vision. (In reality they were discreetly verifying my order, and opening up the new replacement dinosaur for us and disposing of the old broken one without my little guy ever being the wiser). “Just a few more stitches” they explained, as little man was anxiously awaiting his “fixed” baby.

And just like that, they were done. The switch had been made! They pulled off this elaborate hoax with bright smiles and quick action. As they handed him his “fixed” dinosaur, he squealed with joy. His baby was all better, and so was his broken heart.

They didn’t have to do this. They easily could have just found my order and sent us on our way with the new toy. I am forever grateful to these two women who went above and beyond to be the best dinosaur doctors ever, and all to keep one little boy who they had never met, and will likely never see again, happy. So from this very nervous mom, I say the most sincere “Thank you”. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/pApN9NeMoLU?t=234

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