Boyfriend Catches His Girlfriend Cheating With His Best Friend Then This Followed

My girlfriend and I have been dating since high school, since before either of us could even drive. We have basically grown up together, we graduated high school together, went to college together. When we went to high school, we both got accepted at a large state school, our friend got accepted at a smaller state school close by.

We are all in our fourth year of college now and graduating soon. I accepted an internship in a city 3 hours away to get money and experience and credit. While gone, my SO and our friend began hanging out more. I initially didn’t mind. We had been friends for so long that I completely trusted him and he wasn’t with her that often. We had gone camping together, gone on vacations together, hung out and gotten high with just the three of us. Just me and him would hang out, and just him and my SO would hang out. We had all been friends for so long that I trusted him and my SO.

Bad move.

My SO told me that the two of them and another friend were going to spend a weekend at a near-by big city with a fun nightlife.

Today, I learned that he got a room in a $500/night hotel and it was just the two of them.

Now, she swears up and down that she felt doesn’t want to be with him, and they only had sex because I’ve been away. She feels terrible and hasn’t eaten or slept in days.


Obviously, I should break up with her but I’ve never been alone since I was 15. I still love her, but I feel cheated and heartbroken and disrespected and hurt and all these things that I’m not used to feeling. I don’t know what to do. If/when we break up I’ll have wasted 7 years of my life and I’ll be absolutely alone in a brand new city until my internship is over.

After a lot of thinking and discussing with my parents I have broken up with her. I haven’t eaten much or slept much. I’ve never been this alone before. I had someone to talk to for the last 7 years. Some friends reached out to me, which was nice. And I didn’t cry at work. But I’m still all alone in a city that I know no-one in and this is all starting to seem like the worst case scenario for the end of a relationship. I guess I have to learn to deal with this now.

Source: Reddit

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