Brave Girl Stops Carjacker From Abducting Her Little Sister.

In Williamsburg, Virginia, a mom driving with her two young daughters in the van, pulled over to help victims of a car crash they witnessed on Easter weekend. Little did that mom, Brandie Weiler, know that her 12-year-old daughter, Maddie, would end up saving the day.

The crash involved two cars, so after Brandie stopped near the crash, she exited her van and called a 911 emergency operator. At about the same time, Maddie noticed that the man who caused the accident was approaching their van.

The man, later identified as Paul Salsman, reached in, unlocked the driver’s side door and climbed into the van behind the wheel. And he was preparing to drive off with the girls in the van. But young Maddie was ready to put up a fight over that.

Says Maddie: “I just went for it. Nothing passed my mind except, ‘He is a psycho and he needs to get out of the car’.”

So Maddie punched the man several times and screamed. But Maddie also did something incredibly intelligent. She put the van in drive before the man could start it. It was a safety feature that would not allow it to start until put into park. By doing this, her 7-year-old sister, Mollie, was able to make it safely out of the van.

Police were there within minutes and arrested Salsman after having to taze him twice. He was charged with three counts of felony carjacking, felony hit and run and driving under the influence of drugs.

Maddie was very fortunate. She was raised in a family of police officers and firefighters. She had long understood that you do whatever you can to take yourself out of a bad situation. So she did. But flipping the van into drive so it wouldn’t start was even beyond her family’s comprehension. It was a stroke of genius.

Here’s Maddie’s advice to other girls and young women if similar circumstances arise: Never give up. And ALWAYS put up a fight. 

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