Brave Single Dad Determination Will Melt Your Hearts.

Just one month after Persephone was born, her mother took off, leaving her to be raised by her dad, 21-year-old Richard Johnson. That’s a really young age to be a dad, and even more daunting when there’s no mother around.

But know this: Richard is Determined to raise that little girl the best way he can. He reads every “new parent” book he can get his hands on, and he has spent more than a thousand hours watching YouTube videos on everything from braiding hair to painting nails.

Then he found a page where single parents ask questions and discuss their issues. And it helps him. And now, Richard has learned so much that people are even asking HIM for advice.

And he’s still determined to be the best father to his daughter that he can possibly be.

I have no doubt he will be one of the best. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/bhiIcc4tr3s?t=437

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