Bus Driver Buys McDonald’s Breakfast For All His Students.

A few weeks back, many of the school systems in Shelby County, Alabama, were delayed because of bad ice on the roads. And because many of the buses were behind schedule because of the ice, one of the drivers decided to do something a little different – and much appreciated – for his young riders.

He went to a McDonalds and got enough breakfasts for all the students who were riding on his bus. That bus driver was a man named Mr. Price.

According to Rick Vines, who serves as the school system’s transportation coordinator, “The parents were told that breakfast would not be served because of how late we were getting to school. My understanding is that he bought 30 to 40 biscuits so yeah, I would say he probably bought it for every child that rode the bus.”

Mr. Price’s act of kindness to his riders spread quickly over Facebook. Nice job, Mr. Price, sir. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/UROAYlmijus?t=95

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