Busy Receptionist Patiently Enjoys The Boy’s Magic Tricks.

One day when Kahlief was working the front desk at the Hampton Inn, a young boy approached him and asked if he would like to see a card trick. He could have shooed the boy away, but he told him, “Of course.” And after the trick, Kahlief asked the boy if he wanted to hang out with him at the front desk and show him more card tricks. And he did.

During that time Kahlief would pause when he had to, to take a phone call or deal with a customer. But, for the most part, he tried to give the youngster his full attention. He never once made the boy feel like a nuisance.

The next day, when Kahlief started his shift, he spotted the boy again and let him know he was ready for more card tricks. And the young boy spent more time with Kahlief that day, showing him more card tricks.

It wasn’t until sometime later that Kahlief learned something about the boy. He learned that the boy has autism, and learning card tricks is his passion. He also found out that the boy had lost his dad a few years ago and had been on the waiting list for a “big brother” for the past two years.

I’d say Kahlief seems to be the perfect guy to fill those shoes. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/huk8vVJBpI8?t=306

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