Cashier Didn’t React When The Woman Complained About Her.

Source: Reddit

This happened several years ago, when I was 18. I worked in the kitchen at chain diner. The uniform is a short sleeve white Oxford shirt, a black bow tie, and black apron.

My dad texted me asking me to stop by the pet store and get some dog food on my way home. No problem. I go inside, in my uniform, name tag, my hair in a very tight bun still in a hair net. I’m looking at the dog food, trying to find the right brand.

A woman comes down the aisle and asks me “where is the organic dog food?”

I said, “I don’t know, I’m sorry.” She then STARES at me for a solid 15 seconds. I can FEEL it as I’m looking over the dog food.

She says “um, don’t you work here?”

I laughed and said “oh! No, I work at [restaurant].” I thought it was a funny mishap, no harm no foul.

She doesn’t laugh though, she just says “you’re WEARING a nametag.”

I looked down and unpinned my name tag, showing her the restaurant’s logo. “Yeah, eorry. Just got off work.”

She is like… really boiling under the surface. “Well MAYBE you shouldn’t wear such confusing clothes!”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just picked up my dog food and went to the counter. I overheard her complaining to the next cashier over, about me. The cashier didn’t know what to say either, I left before she talked to anyone else. Her seething anger was beyond confusing lol.

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