Man Adopts Old Dogs Who Can't Find Forever Home.

In Denver, Colorado, Steve Greig has become something of an Internet sensation, although he certainly never intended for that to happen. But what he does doesn’t exactly happen everyday… to everyone. Instagram/Steve Greig Steve owns 10 dogs, a rabbit, two ducks, two chickens, a bunch of cats and pigeons and a pond full of koi. Oh, and he has a pig named Bikini. It’s quite the…
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Pup Begs Police Officer To Be Adopted.

Police often depend on the trusty dogs in their K9 units so it’s no wonder they’re always on the lookout for good candidates, and sometimes those candidates can lead to other never thought of activities. Every now and then, we might see a puppy wandering out…

Everyone Judged Her Seeing The Adopted Son.

Having a new baby in the family is a great thing. But a new baby can bring about a lot of stares, questions and concerns when that new baby is of a difference race. Richardo and Keia Baldwin live in North Carolina. And they are black, or African American. They have three…