Stray Cat Asks Woman Who Fed Her To Follow Her

Mama the cat has a perfect life now. But it sure wasn’t always that way. She used to visit the same house in New York everyday as a stray cat. Instagram/ the_boys_n_girls_of_the_bay That house belonged to Vanessa, who actually takes care of cats that roam to her house. Says Vanessa: “I always joke that there’s a kitty billboard out there that brings these cats to me.” But…
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The Most Heartwarming Proposal You'll Ever See

Typically, when a young man asks a young woman to be his date at the school homecoming, it goes something like this: “Hey, you wanna go to homecoming with me?” Pretty straight-forward. And completely without any hint of romantic intiative whatsoever. Really drab, guys.

Dog Found Tied To Luggage At Train Station

Kai is a dog. One day just after this past Christmas, he was found at a railway station in Scotland tied to some luggage full of his toys and belongings. It’s a crime to do this in Scotland. Kai, a Sharpei mix, was turned over to the Scottish SPCA – the Society…