Neighbor's Wife Was Scared Living Alone At Home.

Source: Reddit Some years ago we had some new neighbors move in next door. Nice enough people but we had a problem with them. The husband traveled a lot and his wife was afraid of just about everything, the dark, thunderstorms, you name it. The problem was the flood lights over their garage doors. She would leave them on all night, every night, even though you couldn’t see them from…
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Wife Couldn't Believe How His Love Saved $5000.

Source: Reddit We live in a rural area where all the water comes from each house’s individual water well. These wells cost upwards of $20K to drill. We bought our house about a year ago, and the pump at the bottom of our 200 foot well went out Monday night. Called…

"Woman Berates Me At 3am For Not Doing My Job"

Source: Reddit So I was working at a supermarket doing nightfill stocking shelves after hours. One night we ran super late as we were short staffed. I didn’t finish till about 2.30am. After I left the only place open for food was a 24/7 fuel station across the road…