Man Who Usually Tip 20% Of The Total Bill Leaves The Restaurant With Zero Tip.

Source: Reddit I love going out to dine solo. And I like to sit at a table if it’s not too busy. I will always tip at least 20% or a minimum of $10 if I have a very small bill and service seems at least standard, because I was a server for over 5 years, and I want to pay it forward. But most servers would never know this. I took myself on a solo date yesterday for the first time since I…
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Woman's Reply To Boss Email Is Worth Reading.

Source: Reddit Yesterday I received a job offer for a company I have been applying to for over a year. It’s a 3 dollar raise with opportunity to make 30 an hour after some time. Well they are on a crunch for time so I was only able to give 1 week notice to my current…