Husband Panick When Finds A Note From His Wife Addressed To A Man.

Story by Joseph Walker It wasn’t a horrible day. Believe me, I know all about horrible days. I’ve HAD horrible days. And this wasn’t one of them. Not by a long shot. But it was a Monday, and that? S usually horrible enough. To start things off, I got up late. Don’t you hate that feeling? You’re still sort of out of it and you’re not exactly sure where you’re supposed to be…
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Her Friend Acted As Cop To Scare The Woman Forever.

Source: Reddit In 2002, I had an older woman constantly call me, thinking I was “Emily Janewski”. I was listed in the phone directory as “E Janewski” and she said I sounded just like Emily. Her name was “Susan”. I hung up on her every time. She called about…