Smart Couple Catered Their Wedding Entirely With Food Waste.

OK… lemme ask you a question. How excited would you be to attend a wedding reception where all the food….was expired?? Gotta say, I probably would NOT be all that gung-ho about it myself and bring a brown paper bag of… something…. that had not expired yet. But Seigo and Romilde Robinson are definitely NOT ME…. They made it a point to have the U.K. charity…
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War Veterans Goes Beyond Their Duty To Help.

Sometimes, when men and women leave the military, they can feel quite a bit displaced. Some are disabled, some become homeless, and others… they just need to feel a purpose again. When a former Australian Army Lieutenant, who was disabled, met a homeless veteran…

Dog Finds The Missing Girl For The Cops.

A 3-year-old girl named Aurora went missing on a Friday afternoon in the rugged bushland on the Queensland’s Southern Downs. By early Saturday morning, police and volunteers came out in huge numbers to try to track down the little girl. When they found her, Max, a…