Waitress Who Walked 14 Miles Everyday Gets A SURPRISE

Adrianna Edwards lives in Galveston, Texas, and she works as a waitress at a Denny’s there. And every day, she walks to and from work. And that’s a round trip of 28 miles every day. But she has to do it, has to pay her bills and feed herself. She was saving as much money as she could so that one day she could buy herself a car. Word got out about her loyalty to the job, and one…
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Officers REQUEST Little Kids For Help On Christmas

One recent afternoon, three young children were with their family at the food court inside the Westbrook Mall, and they were talking about that nasty old Grinch, the one who plots to do away with Christmas. Well, it just so happens that four Calgary police officers overheard…

Mom Is RIDICULED Online For Her Baby Daughter

We are all born with differences… differences that make us truly unique from anyone else. Different eye colors, different sounds in our voices and different sizes to grow into. We also have different skin colors… anywhere from pasty white to the darkest of…