How This Mom Of Six Kids Is Helping Feed 100 Local Kids In Her Community

Champale Anderson is quite a mom in her St. Louis home. She has to be, considering she has six children to tend to as their mother. But other children sure appreciate her too. Facebook/ Champale Greene-Anderson For the past 5 years, several children have flocked to her back yard to receive bag lunches and dinners, and the 48-year-old Champale is more than happy to serve up those meals…
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How These 9 Firefighters Became Dads In The Same Year

Something must be in the water at the fire department in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Things are just crazy there. Like that fact that nine of the firefighter’s wives there gave birth to babies at virtually the same time. This puts the group of men there in quite a…

The Most Heartwarming Proposal You'll Ever See

Typically, when a young man asks a young woman to be his date at the school homecoming, it goes something like this: “Hey, you wanna go to homecoming with me?” Pretty straight-forward. And completely without any hint of romantic intiative whatsoever. Really drab, guys.

Dog Found Tied To Luggage At Train Station

Kai is a dog. One day just after this past Christmas, he was found at a railway station in Scotland tied to some luggage full of his toys and belongings. It’s a crime to do this in Scotland. Kai, a Sharpei mix, was turned over to the Scottish SPCA – the Society…