Co-Worker Made Fun Of Her For Wearing Mask Until She Told Them This.

Source: Reddit

I work as a phlebotomist and am in contact with many people daily, thank goodness there’s a mandatory mask policy in every building/store where I live.

After we closed our laboratory and office up, everyone obviously took off their isolation gowns and masks but I just left my pink surgical mask on while I organized stuff.

My co worker looked at me and said “take that off you look like a weird f**k” and was delighted that some other people laughed at her sick shitty sense of humour. So I just looked her in the eyes and said “well shit, I’m sorry that I have a dad with asthma and a mom with diabetes that I don’t want dead, I don’t know where you’ve been so don’t tell me what to do”

After that it was silence and triumphantness for me, everyone put their masks on after that.

Don’t f**king say that to someone who’s trying to protect their family.

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