Community Stepped In To Help This Pregnant Woman When The Insurance Refused To Pay.

Teresa Steele, of Richmond Virginia, was in a rough situation. She was pregnant, and for several months, she had been living with no air conditioning or heat after some very not nice person stole the copper from her home’s heat and cooling unit.

Says Teresa: “I called insurance and they wouldn’t cover it. It feels bad because this is how we live… They did it to take the copper and sell it for a few dollars. I don’t have $6,000 to get a new system.”

She was also worried that she was going to lose her homeowner’s insurance. That and what would social service workers think if she brought a newborn into a cold home.

It was a bad situation, and local organizations didn’t seem to be responding to her pleas for help. Then, she took her story to a local news team. And something amazing happened.

Says Teresa: “My phone’s going crazy. People were sending me messages and saying stuff like, ‘We’re willing to help’. “And it was just bringing tears to my eyes.”

Then, while her phone was still ringing off the hook, River City Heating owner Bobby Robinson and his crew pulled up to fix her unit… and fix it for free.

Says Robinson: “What goes around comes around, so one day I might be in need of help and hopefully there will be help for me.”

Teresa’s energy company then helped by putting her on its “Energy Share” program to reduce her monthly heating bill.

Says Teresa: “You never know who’s out there listening to you. You have to have faith… and have to believe that the more you spread your love, someone will have love to spread back to you.”

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/lZGX9gPGA2Y?t=394

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