Cop Hands Over A Note Instead Of A Ticket To The Speeding Woman.

Amye Hemeon was rushing to her parents house to drop off a pumpkin for Halloween with her daughter Tara alongside her when she was pulled over by Sgt. Steven Church. When he asked why she was speeding, she told him she was in a hurry to drop off the pumpkin and to get back home to help her daughter with her homework.

So then he wrote her a ticket, which was actually, instead, a thank you note, which read: ‘Thanks for all that you do. You could have spent Sunday alone, but instead you chose to help your daughter and your parents. Have a good day.’

Now although many were angered by this after it was posted on social media, others say they are very proud of what the officer did. Sgt. Church for his own part said he gave her a break because he could see she was having a tough week and she was trying to help others. 

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