Cop Kindness Has Opened A Revolving Door Of Generosity At Their Township.

One day last year in Butler Township, Pennsylvania, 9-year-old Brooke Yost stopped by a gas station to buy some donut holes to snack on. When she got to the counter and pulled out all the money she had in her pocket, she quickly discovered she just didn’t have enough money to pay for the goodies. But without hesitation, the man behind her took out his wallet and paid for her snacks.

It was Pennsylvania State Trooper Chad Savannah, and he certainly had no problem helping the young girl out. She thanked him, but later that night, Brooke realized she hadn’t even offered to give the trooper the money she DID have at the time, so she wrote him a nice thank you note and sent it to the state police department. Along with the note, she included a $10 bill as a donation to the department.

When officials at the department received the letter, they felt it was such a kind, selfless act by young Brooke, so several pooled some money together and bought Brooke a $50 gift card for Toys R Us, and they personally delivered the card to her, thinking she could buy some nice toys for herself. But Brooke was about to surprise them – and everyone else – once again. She took the card to Toys R Us and bought $50 worth of toys… to donate to the Marine Corps’ Annual Toys for Tots.

Word of this got around to the State Police Department, so officers then decided to do something very special that Brooke could enjoy. They invited her and her family to the station, and, while there, they gave her the Very Special Person treatment. She was given a tour of the department, including showing her the inside of a police cruiser. She was then honored for her kindness in front of all the officers there.

To say Brooke’s family was proud of her would be an understatement. What was truly wonderful, they agreed, was that young Brooke did all of the kind deeds on her own, without any nudging from anyone in the family. Something tells me she’s going to be quite an amazing person when she grows up. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/rJ50j_2YHJI?t=127

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