Couple Married For 72 Years Dies Together Holding Hands.

Gordon and Norma Yeager of Iowa had been married for an amazing 72 years. He was 94 and she was 90, and through the years they had done everything together, many times holding each others’ hands. Theirs was an incredibly committed love, one that inspires other but only few actually achieve.

They were exceptionally active, often going on camping trip, going boating, fishing, water skiing. And they were smiling all the time, because they loved their lives, and they truly loved each other.

But in 2011, they were in a terrible car accident and taken to the hospital in bad condition. As their broken bodies lie side by side in the intensive care unit, Gordon took Norma’s hand and, soon after, died. An hour later, death also took Norma. It was a very sad time for their family. But the family also realized it was probably best, because neither could have lived without the other. 

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