Dad Finds His Own Way To Remember His Stillborn Son

When you become a father, there are quite a few joyous emotions that bubble out. However, not everyone that has a child is able to go home with their new bundle of joy. For one father, his first child didn’t make it. Being stillborn, the baby is someone that the father will never forget and has even tattooed the baby’s hands on his chest.

A Fathers Day Message 💌Do you remember the first time you touched your child's hands? You rubbed your thumb across…

Posted by DaDMuM on Friday, September 2, 2016

Brad Kearns has two children with his wife today, but he will never forget his first son. The baby didn’t make it after being stillborn. It was quite the emotional day and it’s something that Brad thinks back about. When Fathers Day comes around each year, Brad thinks back at what life would have been like if his first son would have survived. In fact, he has the stillbirths hands tattooed on his chest to feel like the baby is always cuddling up with him.


Even though this son didn’t make it, Brad decided from that day on he was a father. That following year, he got a Father’s Day card and some text messages. Eventually, he had two more children to raise up and be a role model for, but you can’t ever forget those dads that didn’t get a chance to take their bundle of joy home.

As a result, it’s always nice to consider those people to be included in these special holidays as well. Best of all, for those that may lose an infant during pregnancy, there are organizations that you can contact for help such as Bears of Hope.

Dad Finds His Own Way To Remember His Stillborn Son.


Posted by Untold Stories on Saturday, January 11, 2020
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