Deaf Man Adopts Puppy Who Is Also Deaf.

Nick Abbott is deaf. And one day he decided he wanted a companion, so he went to the North Florida Rescue Center and adopted a 12-week-old puppy, which he named Emerson. Now, Emerson wasn’t your typical, fun-loving little puppy. Emerson had suffered from seizures. He couldn’t eat or drink, and he had the very serious, very deadly parvovirus. The young pup also was deaf. All of the others in the litter he came into this world with had already been adopted out. But not Emerson. Nobody wanted him… until Nick came along.

Nick said Emerson more or less picked him, because the puppy walked right up to his feet, sat down and stayed there. Nick said he knew at that very moment the two of them belonged together, and were gonna get along just fine. So the two of them started spending a lot of time together, and Nick even created a way for the two of them to communicate. He taught the puppy sign language. Of course, it wasn’t your typical sign language where two people communicate through a series of finger and hand gestures.

Nick was able to teach Emerson how to understand certain finger gestures. When Nick would sign the letter “S,” Emerson was soon able to understand that that meant to sit down, and he would. When Nick drew a straight line with his finger, Emerson understood that to mean lie down, and he would.

Says Nick: “The bond that we have is awesome. We understand each other very well. I’d like to think it was meant to be. He’s special.”

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