Father Tricked His Teen Daughter In Believing He Knows It All.

Source: Reddit

My teen-age daughter loves music. It’s an integral part of her identity. I like 90’s alt-rock and while she does too and has an eclectic taste in general, she prefers recent rap-hip hop (Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Kanye, etc). When driving, I always told her whoever drove got to pick the music and anytime she gave me grief about what I would put on, I would switch it to stuff like Nat King Cole or Tom Jones or Yanni or sports talk and blast it.

The other day, I took her to get her drivers license and she passed. So she’s all excited and declares she’s driving us home and as soon as she gets behind the wheel she informs me that the driver picks the tunes. I’m like, hey kid, you did great, you’re the DJ. So she pulls up her rap playlist and off we go.

As we’re driving home, she’s totally focused on the road, especially because we’re on the freeway and the traffic is pretty heavy. I’m texting her mom and her brother and sister about how she passed and all that but also, every time a new song starts, I switch over and Shazam it. She has Apple Car Play up on the screen and Maps so no song info is visibly available. Then while the song is playing, at some point I casually ask “hey, is this…” and I’ll name the artist and the exact mix version of the song.


The first couple of times, she’s like, yeah it is. Have I played it for you before? I tell her maybe, I’ve heard it somewhere. By the 4th or 5th song, she’s like WTF, Dad, how do you know all of these??!!? I figured it was best to leave her amazed, so I never told her.

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