Genius Girl Saved Her From The Weird Stranger Who Was Getting Uncomfortably Close.

Source: Reddit

This afternoon I was waiting at a bus stop with some groceries when a fellow wouldn’t leave me alone and was way too close to me. He wouldn’t stop following me when I moved around the stop and kept trying to speak to me. He didn’t catch on to anything I said and kept rambling.

A girl saw my distress and approached me, acting like I was a friend she hadn’t seen in a while. She waited at the bus stop with me until my bus came and tried to help shoo the person away. They didn’t get the hint but I felt so much safer with another person involved. Thank you so much, I was extremely uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. I appreciate you so much!! If you are reading this, feel free to message me and I will buy you groceries.

Unfortunately the bus driver still let him on after me, but I was able to get off without him following me.

I’m going to pay this forward and help any girl I see in trouble.

Thanks for reading this, and try to keep others in mind when you see them in uncomfortable situations.

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