Girl Knew It Was Wrong But She Made Him Stand Up On A Date On Purpose.

Source: Reddit

I’ve been dating this guy for a few months. We met on bumble and he was really nice and cute. He is usually busy studying as he’s an engineering student (I am too but he’s a grad).

A few months ago he asked to be my boyfriend because he didn’t want me meeting up with anyone else on bumble. I hadn’t been messaging anyone on bumble anyway because we were talking, but I agreed and deleted the app and we became exclusive.

Lately he hasn’t been able to spend time together a lot. Some times we go 2 weeks without seeing each other. He’ll still text cute things about how I’m his girl and how he misses me but that’s about it. I try to give him space because I know studying is hard.

Well recently my friend told me that even if you delete bumble, your account stays up if you don’t delete your account. I was creeped out by this so I downloaded the app to officially delete my account. The very first person I see when I redownload the account is my boyfriend!

And not only that, when I scroll to the bottom of his profile, 2 of the pictures were taken while we were dating, one from only a week ago that I took myself. So that makes he’s actively going on it.

So instead of texting him to break up, I decided to be an immature brat.

So I asked my friend for her account and swiped until I found his account. She looks similar to me and I know she’d be his type. (They never met). Then I messaged him and let him chat her profile up until he asked for a date on Saturday.

Guess what I’m doing ? You can judge me all you want but come this Saturday he’s going to be sitting at the bar all alone and then when he inevitable texts me to come comfort him I’m going to tell him I know he’s cheating and to never talk to me again.

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