Grandfather Puts Some Gunpowder In The Cavity Of Wood Logs Used At The Fireplace.

Source: Reddit

When my Grandpa was growing up he didn’t have electricity, this being rural Kansas. What they did have was a wood burning stove. At one point firewood that great-grandfather had been storing began to disappear, a thief was afoot. My great-grandfather getting tired of the firewood disappearing, hatches a plan.


Great-grandfather takes some of the logs and drills them out leaving a cavity, he then puts some gunpowder in the cavities and plugs the holes to hide his handy work. That night he tells my grandpa that he would bring in the firewood, of course he knows what logs he’s messed with.

Now this is the funny part and I wish I knew how embellished it was, but stranger things have happened.

The next day great-grandfather is walking into town and comes across a gentleman also headed into town, and they get to talking. It turns out the gentleman is going into town to make a purchase, the item he seeks, a new stove. He says to my great-grandfather, “I don’t know what they’re putting in the coal these days, but it destroyed my stove.”

No wood ever went missing again.

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