He Rushed To The Front Desk And Reports His Wife Has Been Kidnapped.

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I have just started my last 12 hour shift, for this week, and in comes this couple, early to mid 40’s.

The husband comes up to the front desk, and here is the convo:

Guest: Hi, my name is SuperVip and I would like to check in.

Me: Sure thing. You will be here for 5 nights?

Guest: That’s right.

Me: Great, I just need to swipe your credit card, and you are on your way.

Guest hands me his credit card and I swipe it.

Guest: Have you remembered to upgrade me, because I’m super VIP member, and I am always entitled to an upgrade. (that’s just BS, he can have an upgrade, IF we have the availability to do it)

Me: You have one of our newly renovated rooms. So I think we are in the clear.

I give the guest his keys and he walks to the elevator with his wife.

3 min later he is back at the front desk.

Guest: I want my upgrade, the room is to small!

Me: Well. Then I just have to look, if we can give you a upgrade.

Guest: I’m sure you can. The parking lot is empty.

Me: Maybe it is empty now, but that does not mean that we have rooms free. It’s holiday season, so many guest check in late. And we don’t have to give you an up…..

Guest: I don’t care. I. WANT. MY. UPGRADE.

Me: I have to take a look. (moving the mouse around a bit, and presses some buttons, so he believes he is winning).

Me: Well, you are lucky. I can give you an upgrade.

I move him to another room, hand him the new keys and he leaves.

We are pretty busy at the front desk, so I don’t see them leave the hotel for pizza, but I see them return with a pizza each. The whole lobby smells like pizza, because of 75% of our guests are coming back with pizzas (our restaurant is closed due to covid. Nice one GMs).

The guest comes back down.

Guest: My key does not work anymore.

Me: Ohh, that is not so good, let’s make you a new one. What is your room number?

Guest: It is 6969.

Me: Your name is SuperVip?

Guest: Yes, that is me.

I make him a new key and he leaves for the room.

I shit you not. 2 minutes later, he is storming out of the elevator.


Me: Say again? Your wife is missing? You have just walked past me with your pizzas?

Guest: Yes, and when we came to our room, the damn key did not work! So I left my wife outside the room, and came down to you to get a new key!

Me: Have you looked in all the hallways on the floor? (there is two).

Guest: Yes, and I have been shouting her name. She has been kidnapped.

Me: I think she is here somewhere. But let us go up to your floor and have a look. You guys are the only ones who have a room there (beside all the families in the other hall way), so I think we will find her.

Guest: I’m sure she is kidnapped! We have to look in all of the rooms on that floor!

Me: We can have a look in the area, where your room is. And then we take it from there.

We take the elevator to his floor, and he opens his room, and no wife. (DAMN)

I open the other rooms in the area and we find no wife. (DAMN)

Guest: I have to call the police. She have been kidnapped!

Me: Lets go down to the front desk, by the stairs, so we can look on the other floors.

We take the stairs down, and he sticks his head in at every floor. But no wife! (DAMN)

We come down to the front desk, and he starts to call the police. There is some guests who wants to check in, so I check them in. All while I have him in my sight. I can hear him talk to the police.

Then I hear one of the elevators open, and out storms his wife. Angrier than a bull in a rodeo.


Guest: But you where not at our room? I have been looking for you.


Guest: (asking me) Have we not been on our floor looking for her?

Me: We have, yes.

Wife: I have been on the x floor the whole time.

Me: But your room is on y floor. I think that’s the reason your key did not work in the first place.

Wife: You’re an IDIOT SuperVip! Lets go up and eat! And leave this poor lad alone! It is all on you!

Guest and wife then takes a elevator to the room, and I don’t have anything more to do with them.

I think that he has seen to many Hollywood movies. Who can kidnap a grown woman, at a hotel, without any sound or witnesses, in under 2 minutes? And will they take the pizzas with them?

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