He Taught His Neighbor A Perfect Lesson After They Complained About His Pool.

Source: Reddit

One of my neighbours complained about our green pool. It had been neglected for the winter and was looking a bit gross. I was actually in the middle of getting the chemicals sorted when an officer from the council turned up to do an inspection. I showed her all the chemicals and she was satisfied that I was getting it sorted.

A week later, and she’s back. Neighbours have complained again. It turned out the fibreglass in the pool was badly damaged and we’ve decided to rip it out and start again. Neighbour does not like the concrete pool. Council officer mentioned that the neighbour kept going on about how at least the concrete look was better than green. They apparently went on at length about how much they hated looking at a green pool.

Green is my favourite colour.

The tradies doing our work also heard the neighbours complaining about our green pool. They showed me a colour chart that lists emerald green as an available colour. They’ll give me a discount on that colour if I want it.

I’ve always wanted a green pool. We’re going to start painting next week. Hehehe.

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