“He Thought I Worked There I Thought He Was Disabled.”

Source: Reddit

I work in construction, and sometimes I don’t change on my commute home. Anyway I finished a late shift and it Must have Been about 7.30 pm and I’m waiting on a pretty deserted plant form for a train home when A short bespectacled Portly gentleman Walks/waddles over to me and informs me “the machine has taken my money” I thought that maybe he was autistic or suffering some learning disabilities so I followed him to the vending machine that had shallowed up his money.

He asked me what we should do and Since I didn’t know we both started shaking it from side to side until a couple of bags of M & Ms fell out (he handed me a pack which I thought was a nice gesture) and we said our goodbyes. “You helped me way more then the guys up there” was the last things he said to me I didn’t think much of it wished him a good evening and got on my train thinking I had done a good deed. On my way home I realised I was wearing the same orange overalls as the railways staff and he probably wasn’t autistic just genuinely thought I worked there.

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