Heartbroken Mother Shares How Her Brave Son Dealt With Cancer.

Little 2-year-old Nolan Scully was suffering from a vicious form of cancer. And his parents were, understandably, devastated by it. No child deserved this. No child at all. And in his short life, Nolan withstood all the horrible chemotherapy treatments and hospital visits the doctors had him endure.

It was just plain dreadful. But everyone was clinging to one thing… hope. Well that hope was dashed one day when doctors gave Nolan’s mom, Ruth, the terrible news… that new tumors had started growing around her little boy’s heart. And now… there was nothing more they could do.

He was an incredibly brave little boy. This is a portion of their last conversation:

Me: Nolan Ray, what is Mommy’s job?

Nolan: To keep me SAFE! (With a big grin)

Me: Honey… I can’t do that anymore here. The only way I can keep you safe is in Heaven. (My heart shattering)

Nolan: Sooooo I’ll just go to Heaven and play until you get there! You’ll come right?

Me: Absolutely!! You can’t get rid of Mommy that easy!!

Nolan: Thank you Mommy!!! I’ll go play with Hunter and Brylee and Henry!!

Two months. Two months since I've held you in my arms, heard how much you loved me, kissed those sweetie "pie" lips. Two…

Posted by NolanStrong on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Ruth then went to take a quick shower. When she returned, the hospital staff told her he was in a deep sleep and struggling to breathe. After a few minutes, as they watched over him, Nolan awoke, turned toward Ruth, and said, “I love you, mommy.”

Ruth then bent down to him and started singing, “You are my sunshine.” And a few minutes later, little Nolan was gone.

Nolan’s final words to his mom were amazing… words she will always carry with her. Words that show her that even in the darkest of times, there is beauty. And true miracles can come in the smallest of packages. 

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