Her Cheating Husband Always Said She Couldn’t Do This Or That.

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I am a woman who knows no bounds. I used to be married to a man who did all the “manly” things and made me feel as if I couldn’t do them simply because I didn’t know how or I wasn’t strong enough.

Since he up and left me for a girl he met on Tumblr 8 months ago with only himself and his own happiness on his radar, I have changed my flat tire, got my oil changed, changed the filter on my furnace, fixed my garbage disposal, recaulked my tub and a final task that I have been dreading.

I mowed my lawn. That part wasn’t the hard part. Getting the mower to start was the hard part. I put the gas in, checked the oil, put starter fluid near the carburetor, figured out how to push the little bar down and pull the trigger at the same time, and eventually cleaned the spark plug. It took a good half hour to get it started but I did it. All on my own.


When I finished mowing the front and backyard I stood looking out over my lawn and I cried.

After all he put me through, moving across the country for him, getting a new job, being promoted in a year and a half, him leaving me in a place where I don’t have any blood family, having to adjust to live by myself after 9 years, paying for everything on my own, and mowing the lawn I cried for everything I never thought I could do.

I cried because I claimed my independence and my house today. I can do anything.

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