His Door Starts Pounding As He Had Just Finished Writing A Note For His Family And The Pills In His Other Hand

I had cleaned my room today, i was sitting on my bed while my favorite show played in the background, i texted my friends i loved them, the note i wrote to my family was on the table and the pills were in my hand. i had everything ready and i was set on dying tonight.


i was about to take them when i heard someone pounding on my door so i walked over and opened it and there was one of my best friends, standing there on facetime with our other bestfriend and she just came in and hugged me. she said her and our other friend got concerned when she saw the text i sent them so she came over as fast as she could.

she took the pills away from me while i started just breaking down and we talked for awhile. she made me feel a thousand times better and actually put me in a semi decent mood. i showed her the note i wrote and she ripped it up and threw it away because “you won’t be needing this you’re not going anywhere, i love you”

then she ‘kidnapped’ me and brought me to her house and now we’re watching a movie and eating food. god this night could have gone so different and i just wanted to share my experience

Source: Reddit

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