Husband Finally Learns To Be Responsible The Hard Way.

Source: Reddit

I love my husband, I really do. But he’s a down right slob. He leaves his socks, clothing, shoes, dishes etc everywhere and I have to clean up after him.

After begging him for 2 yrs to not get a dog, he brought home a rescue. Guess who takes care of it?! We’ve now had this dog for 1.5 years and I love him to death.

Anyhoo- we decided I do all housework, he vacuums. I’ve begged him for months to pick his shit up, he refuses. So the dog got spoiled! Every day I give the dog a bone or a squeak toy for him to annihilate in the living room, on the carpet. It’s been 3 weeks of this.

And let me tell you, that amstaff tears up shit like no other! Cotton confetti and bone fragments everywhere! The carpet looks like a fluffy cloud and if you’re lucky, you’ll scream in excitement when you step on some random shit hidden underneath it that this dog has gracefully destroyed.

Husband finally looked me dead in the face, pissed as all hell and says “You know I HAVE to clean this right?!”

I laughed and said “well I HAVE to clean all of YOUR shit, so I’m just distributing unnecessary messes evenly so we can both waste our time together!”

It’s been a week and he’s finally cleaning up his shit.

F**k you, sir.

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