Husband Was Embarrassed And Apologized For His Wife’s Mistake.

Source: Reddit

I went out to buy some things from the supermarket with my boyfriend (now husband). I looked so obviously femme even a dumb person won’t think I worked at this store. For God’s sake, I was wearing a dress and heels.

Boyfriend is in a separate aisle. I’m quietly looking through the shelves for my things without bothering anyone when someone tugs at my elbow very sharply, almost making me stumble. It’s this woman (EM) glaring at me. Her teenage kid is behind her, looking extremely embarrassed.

EM: where do I find the wine?

Me: uh… I don’t know, you should ask an employee. Please let go of me.

EM (looks me up and down): you are an employee, just shut up and help me or I’ll get the manager

At this point I’ve read enough stories to know how this ends. Politely told her to leave me alone and walked away. Next thing i know, something hits me in the head. Hard. I swear to God i genuinely thought I was dead for a second. It doesn’t even hit me that something is wrong until I realize that I’m not even moving… Even though i think i am. The only thing keeping me grounded is that I’ve gripped the shelf and keeping myself upright. There’s a lot of yelling happening and i can’t genuinely focus on what’s happening. Eventually, I lose the battle and pass out.

When I came to, I was in a hospital. My boyfriend filled me in on what happened –

So, when I turned around and walked away, EM was so furious that she grabbed a glass jar and hurled it at my head. Whatever her faults, she had excellent aim. The wounds were severe and she pretty much cracked my skull open. People around us alerted staff and the manager came over and security detained her until the cops came. My boyfriend came up onto the scene and got me to the hospital in time. Till the end, she just kept saying she was trying to teach me a lesson for “looking down on her”

Her husband came with their children to see me at the hospital… I don’t think they were ready to see the extent of my injuries. Her husband broke down in front of me and told me she wasn’t the woman he loved. Later I found out through my lawyers that he served her divorce papers. Her family covered all my medical expenses without us asking. Her husband seemed like a really nice man. It’s been a few years but i always wondered why she was so angry when she clearly had a family who loved her. A part of me will always wonder that.

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