“I Am A Straight Male Who Went Out In Public Dressed As A Woman.”

Source: Reddit

I now have a newfound understanding of why women are tired and scared.

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t claim to understand all that you go through by any means, but I did gain some insight and it was remarkable.

I am a closeted cross dresser. Last week, I shaved my face, shaved my legs, put on a wig, makeup, tights and a dress and went to a couple department stores. With the help of foam and breast forms, I had a fairly feminine figure. My makeup skills aren’t great, and I’m short and not muscular, so the ability to wear a facemask everywhere I went really hid most signs that would be telling that I wasn’t a woman.

In the matter of a few hours, I got far too many compliments, stares, and creeps. Some compliments were fine, like the guy who was standing next to me and simple said he liked my dress. I said thanks, and that was it! But the guy who told his friend in a “whisper” that I had nice tits was not quite so welcome. I became painfully aware of how many men were looking at me like an object. At first I was flattered, but that soon turned into disgust as I realized that this is what women go through on a daily basis, and that I too have certainly acted like they were.


I’ve seen plenty of guys saying that women are attention wh*res, ungrateful when complimented, that they need to smile more, etc etc. But only a few hours of being seen as a woman has told me all I need to know about how many men there are that need to change THEIR attitudes, including me.

There’s only so much I can say without repeating myself over and over, but know that at least one dude has seen the light and has a new respect for what the female experience can be like!

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