“I Am Going To Stop Drinking And I Don’t Give A Shit If People Make Fun Of Me For It.”

Source: Reddit

Today is my last hangover. I am 22 years old. I am a binge drinker. I don’t drink daily or at home but every time I go out I get stupidly drunk. I have 1 month of university left, I have landed my dream job and I am not gonna let my drinking f**k this up for me. I have a university dinner on Friday with all my mates and lecturers. There will be lots of alcohol there, I will drink tonic water all night. I will drive to the dinner effectively forcing myself not to drink.

I have hurt myself falling over drinking, I have blacked out and made an arse of myself in front of my lecturers. I have blacked out at a friends party and I puked in his sink. I have woken up covered in vomit. I spend too much money on it and it’s the last thing stopping me from getting the 6 pack I want. I workout regularly and have built some pretty decent muscle, I just need to lose a bit of belly fat to get some abs. I have cut junk food out, booze is next.

When I started drinking I never got hangovers, now I get brutal ones. I am sitting in bed, my whole body hurts, I am shaking, I can’t eat. I drink 20-30 standard drinks when I go out. My tolerance is so high now by the time I feel buzzed I’m falling over. I use alcohol as a crutch when talking to women, I was not a popular kid at school, alcohol makes me feel like I am socially invincible.

When I get drunk people laugh at my jokes, girls like my company, I buy my friends rounds. Then it turns dark, people start to find me obnoxious, jokes become offensive, I look and act sloppy. At university socially things were great for me, I am know as a partier. I am the longest serving board member my university society has had. I have had that dream party experience, I shook the nerd off my back, I have dated girls waaaay out of my league and have a big friendship group after being a loner. I have justified my drinking by seeing that some people in my life (students and professors too) have a bigger drinking problem than I do.

Now is the time to say, I don’t need booze to keep doing that! Now is the time to enjoy social situations sober.

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