“I Finally Managed To Kick Him Out Of The House After He Sent Me And Our Baby To The Hospital.”

Source: Reddit

He’s been mistreating me for 3 years. But he never hit me. His abuse was financial and emotional. He drove me crazy and left me poor. I wanted to ‘save’ him and he sucked every last bit of my energy.

Today he hit me. 2 meters tall guy with years of kick boxing and kung fu experience. He punched me and almost broke my arm because I didn’t want to give him my phone to delete numbers. He had put our baby in the stroller but without fastening the belt. He hit me in front of her. She reached out to me, stood up and fell on her face. Started bleeding from her head. He didn’t run to her. He prevented me from going near and threatened to kill me. I locked myself in the bedroom and called the police and ambulance.

When they came, they refused to come in, so we became a spectacle for our gossipy neighbourhood. They didn’t give me a chance to speak and continuously told me to shut up while they were telling him that he can sue me. He was insisting that I broke his stuff. Which I’ve never touched. I told them to come in and check and they were saying shit up, it’s none of our business. And other things.

The medical staff put me and baby in the ambulance. Talking badly to me the whole way and asking what did I do to annoy him. I couldn’t even lift my arm and they didn’t help at all with holding the baby. When we arrived there was police there, informing me I’m in their custody because my husband wants to sue me.

We arrived at the hospital where my heart broke when I saw my little baby in such pain. They drew blood, did an x ray and then put the iv. The needle was in her arm sideways and it hurt her and she didn’t stop crying. The police there, looking on apathetic the whole time. I had to leave her there and be escorted to the police station.

When we arrived there, they told me something like what’s going on, a fight huh? Make peace, it’s normal for couples to fight, etc, don’t sue him, blabla. I said i just want him to leave the house and never bother me again. They called him in and guess what? He didn’t even care to ask about the baby. Just fussing about his personal belongings and how he will empty the house. He agreed to move out and let me be. We left without suing each other.

We didn’t speak at all when we entered the house. He gathered some off his things and I some things I needed for the hospital, where I had to go next to be all night with the baby. But when I was already in my car, exiting the parking area, he ran and stood in front, shouting, ‘give me at least 50 euros!’ because I’m the only one working and he doesn’t have any money saved. He put his hand in the window and tried to grab me. I told him simply ‘you hit me and want money? No. Take your hand away’. And drove off.

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