“I Know I Don’t Sound Professional. I’m Not A Professional. I’m A Housewife.”

Source: Reddit

A few years ago our house number was very close to a local bank. The only difference was that the last two digits were inverted. (Ours was 45 and theirs is 54) So it was common for us to get wrong numbers for that branch.

One lazy weekday morning I’d slept in at bit too late. Then I chilled out scrolling through FB in my robe and consumed one too many cups of coffee while I procrastinated the laundry. The phone rang and I answered it as people do.

Me: Hello?

Old man: This is how you answer the phone? ‘hello’?

Me: Usually. May I ask who’s calling?

Old man: This is *** *******. I’m returning a call from the Chase bank and I think that you are very unprofessional and rude!

Me: (chuckling) I’m not a professional… I’m a housewife…

Old Man: I don’t want to hear your excuses. I want to speak to your supervisor!

Me: (laughing harder) As I said, sir. I’m not a professional. I’m a housewife and you’ve got the wrong number… I think that we need to restart this conversation.

Old man: … —– …

Me: (still laughing) Once again. I believe that you’ve got the wrong number, sir. This is not a bank. This is a private residence. I am in my living room. I am a housewife and not a professional. And I hope you have a *really* fantastic day.

Old man: I am *so* sorry. (voice drops. actually sounds SO sorry) Thank you for your kindness and your courtesy.

Me: Not a problem, sir! Misunderstandings happen. Once again, I hope that you have a pleasant day.

Old man: You too. And thank you.

It really surprises me how hard it is for people to realize their error. Once they lock in, they can’t let it go!

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