Man Who Usually Tip 20% Of The Total Bill Leaves The Restaurant With Zero Tip.

Source: Reddit

I love going out to dine solo. And I like to sit at a table if it’s not too busy. I will always tip at least 20% or a minimum of $10 if I have a very small bill and service seems at least standard, because I was a server for over 5 years, and I want to pay it forward. But most servers would never know this.

I took myself on a solo date yesterday for the first time since I got laid off in March. I was so excited. Until I sat down. My server came to my table took my order for coffee and asked if anyone was joining me. I said no, just me, and then I waited for my coffee. And waited. And waited. And waited. I waited about 20 minutes before asking the host where my server was and then waited another 10 before I finally left.

I don’t deserve to be ignored just because you don’t think I am worth your time. I know how some servers react to getting a 1-top table. I know how some react to getting black people in their section. I know how they react to having to serve young people. But if you are a server and act this way, you don’t deserve a tip and you don’t have the right to judge people based on stereotypes. You never know who you are serving.

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