Man Writes 5 Thank You Cards Everyday To Show Gratitude In His Daily Life.

Last year, a Texas father gave himself a mission. And he loved it. 33-year-old John Israel took it upon himself to start writing 5 thank-you letters a day for an entire year. He put his gratitude in writing for anyone from airline pilots to restaurant staff.

He says doing this takes him about 90 minutes a day and leaves him emotionally fulfilled. He finished the year having written 1,825 notes. All of the notes were handwritten and were more than just a simple “thanks for that.”

He really told the recipients of the notes how much he appreciated them.

In one note to an airline hostess he wrote: “Thanks for smiling big. Thanks for being cordial. Thanks for bringing me tea and those honey roasted peanuts. Thanks for being fun and most importantly, thanks for being genuinely, authentically yourself.”

Occasionally, John will get a response from his notes.

I think we can ALL learn from John’s efforts. So when was the last time You wrote someone a real genuine heart-felt thank-you note? 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/1ENum1Sy9VA?t=366

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