Meet The Kind Woman Who Rented Hotel Rooms For The Homeless.

Many people in America were recently affected by the polar vortez, which caused temperatures to plummet to record lows. And Chicago was one of the hardest hit areas. But Candace Payne of Chicago did something amazing that could have well saved the lives of many. She rented 20 hotel rooms with her credit card and asked that anyone who needed to get out of the weather come stay in one of those rooms.

After posting about it on social media, she got numerous offers from people wanting to contribute food to those who were staying in the rooms. As temperatures were dropping to a deadly 22 degrees below zero, many homeless people had to abandon their tents and seek shelter at one of the hotel rooms. And as more and more people started showing up for the rooms, others dug deep into their pockets to pay for at least 40 more rooms.

Said one homeless man named Jermaine: “We don’t get that type of help. I really needed them at that point, so they came right in time.”

More than 80 people were helped in the Chicago area by the kindness of Candace and many strangers. They made sure those people had warm rooms for at least three days during the roughest periods of the weather, weather that had been blamed in the deaths of at least 22 people in the Midwest and Northeast. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/O5oUyKQYVcQ?t=183

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