Mother Apologizes On Behalf Of Her Daughter’s Behaviour On FB.

Rebecca Boyd’s husband had just been laid off from his job in Bessemer, Alabama, and money was going to be tight from here on out. But, still, she wanted to do something special for her 12-year-old daughter, so she took her to see the movie, “Cinderella.” But there was some teenagers sitting behind them, and they were being noisy and even kicking the seats.

Rebecca turned to them and kindly asked them to settle down so she and her daughter could enjoy the movie. And if you’ve ever asked someone at a movie theater to settle down, you know how quickly that can work against you. These teens were no different; they ramped up the bad behavior, and Rebecca was repeatedly asking them to stop.

After the movie, Rebecca told them her husband had been laid off from his job and that this was the last time she would be able to take her daughter out, and that they had ruined it for them. The rowdy and misbehaving teens were two girls, and their brother who was with them later told their mom about the girls’ behavior, and how it was extremely upsetting to the woman in front of them, who was trying to watch the movie with her daughter.

The girl’s mom, Kyesha Wood, somehow managed to track down Rebecca through social media. She wanted to find the woman who repeatedly told her 13-year-old daughter and stepdaughter to be quiet during that movie. Kyesha addressed the post to the woman at the theater who was constantly disturbed by her daughters.

She wrote, in part: “I can assure you that these girls are being strongly dealt with and appropriately punished. This rude, disrespectful and awful behavior is unacceptable, and they owe you an apology. My husband and I are having them write your apology letter tonight and we would like to pay for your next movie and snacks out of their allowance. Please message me if this is you. I apologize profusely for their disrespect.”

Well, Kyesha’s message went viral and it did indeed find its intended target. And all the publicity of it completely mortified and humiliated Kyesha’s daughters… and a very strong lesson was learned.

Rebecca told Kyesha she forgave the young girls, and the two mothers developed a very quick friendship. And even Kyesha’s daughters have become good friends with Rebecca’s daughter. Sometimes it really pays to be that strict parent. Because sometimes, it’s exactly what’s needed. 

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